Waste Transfer Station Management

Waste Transfer Station Management

Professional Transfer Station Management

Action Transfer Services provides comprehensive transfer station management services, supporting some of the largest waste management companies in the United States. Transfer stations are a vital link in the waste collection process, improving the productivity of local collection vehicles by getting trucks back on route quickly and consolidating tractor-trailer loads for efficient delivery to remote landfills.

Action Transfer Services’ management has the experience earned from being the first to offer these services in the Houston, Texas market back in 1992. Today, Action Transfer Services processes more than 130,000 tons of waste material each month, dispatching over 5,000 loads throughout its operating network.

Turnkey Services

Action Transfer Services provides its customers with a turnkey service, which includes providing equipment and staffing to manage the day-to-day loading and transportation process at each facility. Our system is designed to make transfer stations operate safely and efficiently, allowing our customers to focus on their core businesses.

By providing a fixed cost per ton (or load), customers can better project and manage their cost of operations while avoiding significant capital expenditures needed to operate the facilities.

Liquid & Hazardous Waste Transportation

Bulk Liquid Waste Transportation

Action Transfer Services vacuum tankers specialize in bulk liquid removal and transportation services, capable of removing and transporting all types of liquids and sludge. Our fleet of vacuum tankers have proven to be extremely efficient and cost effective for a variety of applications.

Bulk Solid Waste Transportation

Action Transfer Services roll-off containers ranging in sizes from 20 cubic yards up to 40 cubic yards. Our containers can be used for soils, sludge, debris and other solid waste materials. Action Transfer Services roll-off trucks can transport single or double roll off containers and maximize payload weights and volumes.

Containerized Waste Transportation

Action Transfer Services operates equipment specifically used for transporting drums, totes, pallets and other containers utilizing box trucks, stakebeds or vans. Action Transfer Services can safely manage the loading, and unloading transportation of any quantity or any type of container.

Local and Interstate Transportation

Action Transfer Services is fully licensed and permitted by USDOT, ICC and state transportation agencies, Action Transfer Services is able to provide transportation services throughout the state of Arizona as well as across the Western US.

Safety and Compliance

Action Transfer Services recognizes that the key to a successful waste processing and transportation operation is understanding, and complying with, the numerous regulations that impact our industry. Our focus on the safety and welfare of our employees, drivers and users of the facilities is of paramount importance and actually improves the efficiency of the operation. Action Transfer Services works closely with its customers to maintain a safe and efficient operation at the transfer stations.

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