Statement of Qualifications

Action Transfer Services has the technical experience, seasoned management and financial capability to provide unparalleled service to its existing and future customers and looks to expand both geographically as well as the range of transportation, logistics and material movement services that it provides. 

While the Company’s management has a specialty in safe and efficient MSW transfer station management, they also have a long, successful history of managing all types of waste streams and material movements across a range of industrial and commercial applications, including transportation of recyclables, sludge and reclaimed dirt.

Action Transfer Services’s management has worked closely with a number of municipalities including the City of Houston, City of Baytown, League City and the City of Galveston as well as multinational companies such as Republic, Waste Management, Waste Connections and Waste Corp ofAmerica.  As a result of its diverse customer base, the Company has proven qualifications, including:

  • An extensive fleet of transportation, loading and unloading equipment…theCompany has approximately 130 transfer trailers (combination of  walking floor and tipper), 40 machines supporting loading operations, and4 trailer tippers…this equipment level allows the Company to  respond immediately to changes in volumes as well as catastrophic events such as hurricanes (the Company was able to manage an immediate 35-40% increase in volume following Hurricane Ike with no outside assistance).
  • Experienced,qualified personnel…the Company has over 40 local employees, including its senior management team, 7 facility/dispatch managers, 5 full time mechanics and 25 equipment operators/laborers…these employees  average more than 6 years of tenure with the Company.
  • Focus on Compliance…the Company has received  no NOVs related to its operation of transfer stations that it has under contract and routinely assists facility owners with documentation and compliance with permit requirements.
  • Focus on Safety and Training…the Company has an extensive training program that includes  waste screening training as required by the TCEQ as well as a safety program that utilizes weekly safety training, equipment certification for equipment operators, and road observations of its drivers (including the use of third party videotaping) which has resulted in an  EMR of .71 and an outstanding safety record.
  • Shop and Maintenance Facilities…the Company has a fully staffed and equipped shop that can provide service for all its equipment, including(i) mobile support vehicles that are capable of handling on-site repairs,(ii) heavy haul trucks and trailers that allow the company to move its spare equipment without delay or additional permitting in the event of a major breakdown and (iii) perform preventative maintenance designed to reduce downtime and delays at the transfer station.  The Company also has an excellent relationship with local equipment dealers and rental companies if needed to support our operations.
  • Access to Capital…the Company has a credit facility in place that gives it the ability to acquire new equipment and expand its operations and capabilities without delay.

Locations Served

Republic Services

  • Northwest Transfer Station, 14421 Sommermeyer, Houston, TX 77041 – Since 2001
  • Southwest Transfer Station, 5904 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77057 – Since 2001
  • Southeast Transfer Station, 9225 Lawndale, Houston, TX 77012 – Since 2001
  • Brenham Transfer Station, 1709 Hwy 36 North, Brenham, TX 77833 – Since 2013

Waste Management

  • WRS Transfer Station, 10013 Koenig, Houston, TX 77034 – Since 1992
  • Sam Houston Transfer Station, 1128 West Belt Dr, Houston, TX 77043 – Since 1995
  • Westside Transfer Station, 12220 West Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76008 – Since 2013

Waste Corp of America

  • Ruffino Hills Transfer Station, 9720 Ruffino Rd, Houston, TX 77031 – Since 2005

Licenses, Permits and Insurance

Action Transfer Services obtains all the necessary permits and insurance required by federal, state and local authorities. We carry A-rated insurance coverage for comprehensive liability protection. 

Action Transfer Services  Permits:

  • US Department of Transportation/MC
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Arizona Deptartment of Environmental Quality
  • Maricopa County
  • Department of Toxic Substances Control
  • California Highway Patrol

Action Transfer Services Certificate of Insurance:

To request an insured certificate of insurance contact our agent at National Truck Services Group,  Regina Rock, at or 800-466-5999.

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