Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is ARI Looking for in an Agent? 

At least 1 year worth of freight-brokering, freight transportation sales experience or the related equivalent e.g. former fleet owner, freight transportation sales & service.

The Agent candidate should also have his/her own direct-shipper customers through which they can secure freight.

Does ARI have any Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation clause in the Agent contract?


What is the commission pay for ARI Logistics Agents?

ARI's commissions program is not cookie cutter program where one size fits all. Our unique compensation plan generously rewards our Agents.

What kind of support/service fees does ARI charge? 

None. ARI doesn't have any technology, software or "other" support fees.

Other companies promise big pay-outs only to “sock” their Agents with hidden fees.  At ARI, we keep it simple. We won't nickel & dime the agent on the back end with fees.

When do you pay your agents?

Weekly, via direct-deposit.

Does an Agent have to be incorporated or form a LLC?


Is ARI Logistics asset based?

We're asset-backed through our parent company Action Resources, Inc. and its family of companies. Together they operate over 1000 tractors pulling Flatbeds, Stepdecks, RGN's, Stretch trailers, Vans, Tankers, Dumps, and everything up to 15-axles.

How does ARI pay its carriers? 

ARI Logistics is a GOLD BOOK Broker and pays its carrier 14 days from invoice and will direct deposit payment directly to the carriers' bank account. ARI also offers quick pay & lumper & fuel advances.

How quick is the carrier set up process? 

Within minutes. ARI gives you the tools to pre-screen your carriers in seconds to see if they'll pass our initial qualification process. This will save you a ton of time instead of waiting around and not knowing if you can load them.

How quick is the customer set up process? 

Within an hour. Often times, within 15 minutes. There are no lengthy customer set-up forms! There’s a brief credit prequalification form completed by the Agent.

Do you provide load boards?

Yes, but again ARI Logistics doesn't operate with a cookie cutter mindset and the load board program will take in consideration the type and level of your business. So the number of load-boards provided is in keeping with the revenues generated by the Agency.

What transportation software does ARI use?

McLeod. The web-based system allows for automatic flow to load boards, automatic notification to carriers if a load is entered in a lane they like to run & the visibility to see where other Agents/Offices have available trucks and more!

Why ARI?

Our Agents are our customers! ARI has strong tenure in Agent-based business models amongst its staff! We have top management with past Agency-ownership and Agency-Support experience! That in-depth understanding of an Agent’s business operation combined with the financial stability and back-office operations support makes ARI the best choice for an Agent!

Do you have any more information?

How do I apply to become an ARI Logistics Freight Agent?

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