Precipitated Acid Tank Cleaning

May 13, 2016
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Project Challenge

A chemical manufacturer’s precipitated acid tank experienced a chemical reaction and solidified, leaving eight feet of solidified material. The receipt and discharge lines were also solidified. The solidified product had an extremely low pH of <1, as well as being a respiratory hazard with the potential to cause severe burns. These conditions presented a challenge because the tank would need to be cleaned in supplied air. Additionally, the vessel was elevated and all work had to be done off scaffolding.

Project Solution

The manufacturing client engaged Action Environmental's Kansas City, Missouri location to complete the tank cleaning project. Historically the solidified product had been chipped out, taking weeks to clean the tank and disrupting the manufacturing process. Instead, Action Environmental used a 20k PSI hydro-blaster and cleaning the tank in just a few days. Using the hydro-blaster eliminated 90% of confined space entry time, decreasing the possibility of a safety hazard.

Project Results

Despite the dangerous material and potential safety hazards, our Kansas City crew completed this project without even a scratch by having and following a good work plan that included a job specific hazard analysis and safety plan. The tank was placed back into service sooner than expected, saving the client time and money compared to prior tank cleaning methods.

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