Comprehensive Freight Brokerage Services

Action Enterprise Logistics understands that providing comprehensive supply chain solutions requires more strategy and planning than moving freight from Point A to Point B. As part of the Action family of companies, with expertise in multiple transportation modes, Action Enterprise Logistics features the unique ability to offer brokerage services in business segments that typically have been dominated by asset-only carriers. With deep roots in heavy haul, over-dimensional, chemical, tanker and other specialty transport modes, Action Enterprise Logistics provides our customers with freight brokerage services that can consolidate a broad spectrum of transportation options through a single point of contact.

Our brokerage services take a comprehensive approach to evaluating the needs of our customers by learning what matters most to your business. We place an emphasis on identifying strategies that offer our customers economical transportation solutions regardless of the mode. Carriers in our brokerage network are cost competitive and committed to a high level of service, providing our customers with options that are cost effective and efficient. We feature a broad scope of transportation solutions, including:

  • Truckload
  • Specialized
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Liquid Bulk
  • Heavy Haul / Over-Dimensional
  • Expedited & Emergency
  • Intermodal
  • Temperature Control
  • Project Cargo

Opportunity Identification: Matching Customers with the Best Transportation Options

Where most brokers may specialize in general commodity moves and transportation management, our service is based in identifying customer needs. We focus on matching our customers with the right service provider and offering the most effective and efficient transportation option. Our brokerage customers benefit from Action Enterprise Logistics’ expertise in providing transportation involving food, heavy machinery, construction, material handling, packaging and chemicals.

We understand that there can be as many details as there are miles in any load assignment. We focus on the pain points of our customers. Action Enterprise Logistics has the resources and transportation options to eliminate the time-consuming process of working with numerous service providers across multiple modes. Instead, Action Enterprise Logistics works with our customers to consolidate a host of transportation needs into a single-source solution. We clearly communicate with our customers through all aspects of the transportation process, and we provide seamless solutions that are designed to make supply chains more efficient.

The brokerage services offered by Action Enterprise Logistics focus on identifying and executing on opportunities for our customers. We recognize that our customers may be looking for low-cost providers or have special service requirements. Action Enterprise Logistics' service model emphasizes a high level of detail, from the specific arrival time of the driver to specific truck and tracking information, or relaying the truck and trailer number along with the driver’s information, in order to deliver exceptional service while meeting customer requirements.

We have a team of dedicated professionals and the systems in place to meet the needs of our customers. We place an extreme focus on service, communication and attention to detail on every shipment we handle. Our brokerage team is proactive with our customers. If there is a change in status of the load with bad weather, traffic issues or others, Action Enterprise Logistics will communicate with you immediately and provide options, so your business is not impacted. Action Enterprise Logistics makes certain that our customers are always in the loop.

Detail-Oriented Focus on Customer Needs & Experience in Specialized Markets 

Drawing from our experience in working within numerous specialized markets through Action Resources, our team takes a much more detailed approach to our freight assignments than our competitors. Action Enterprise Logistics believes a single order from a customer requires the utmost attention to detail. Our methodology, adapted from the asset side of the Action family of companies, is to ask the right questions, get the pertinent details and obtain an understanding your needs. Combining that information with our specialized transportation experience, we're able to deliver unsurpassable freight brokerage services. We are committed to going deeper than the average freight broker.

Questions we regularly ask include the following:

  • How often do you have these types of loads?
  • What are the service requirements for pickup and delivery?
  • How does this load integrate into your supply chain?
  • Is it an inbound vendor or is it an outbound customer order?
  • What are the stipulations around those requirements?
  • How does this impact the rest of your business?

Additionally, any inclusion of visibility to the customer's transportation program through reporting, along with the proactive communication on freight shipments may be a plus. Our reporting capabilities include:

  • Specific lane cost analysis
  • Total monthly/annual freight spend

Consolidate Your Supply Chain With Brokerage from Action Enterprise Logistics

Action Enterprise Logistics can provide consolidated and economical transportation solutions regardless of mode. We take a holistic approach to transportation and the options that can deliver the best value for our customers. The solutions we can offer reflect our depth of our experience, our knowledge and our ability to partner with you on transportation answers that will work best for your business. We are dedicated to going beyond finding needed capacity and booking freight. Our team of transportation professionals has the expertise to analyze the big picture of your entire supply chain and tailoring options that will effectively serve your business. 

Contact Action Enterprise Logistics about our brokerage offerings today. Let us design a single-source transportation solution that can improve the performance of your supply chain. 

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