Flexible Single-Source Managed Transportation

With managed transportation solutions through Action Enterprise Logistics, our customers value the fact that our professionals are dedicated to going beyond simply taking calls to book loads. We understand that our team is an extension of our customers’ transportation and logistics departments, and we are focused on offering the best solutions for our customers across a variety of modes. As part of the Action family of companies, we offer a single-source solution with reliable access to transportation assets.

Action Enterprise Logistics delivers our customers the capability to handle seasonal shipping spikes, dedicated capacity and unique equipment regardless of the transportation mode. We offer contract pricing for cost management as well as the pricing structure flexibility for customers ranging from cost-plus to fee-based models. Action Enterprise Logistics customers enjoy the benefit of leveraging the buying power of a minority-owned company and the expertise we have established in the transportation market.

Why Choose Action Enterprise Logistics as Your Managed Transportation Solution?

  • Right mix of assets and strong carrier network
  • Pricing structure flexibility - contract, cost-plus or fee-based model options
  • Ability to offer smaller shippers with low volume access to options most of our competitors typically reserve for larger shippers
  • Leveraged buying power of minority-owned company
  • Management team with both shipper and carrier experience resulting in a unique understanding of transportation from both customer and carrier perspective
  • Strict carrier qualification standards
  • State of the art technology
  • Proactive communication approach

Designing Modal Solutions to Allow Customers to Focus on Their Core Business

Action Enterprise Logistics has never sought to become the biggest 3PL in the managed transportation market. We are well positioned with the right mix of assets and a strong carrier network to be highly responsive and extremely nimble in meeting our customer’s needs. Our customers know they will never become lost in a numbers game. Every account and every customer is valued by our entire team.

We have people in our organization who have been shippers as well as carriers. We understand transportation from a customer and a carrier perspective. One load from a single customer is just as important as multiple loads from another customer. We are proactive with our customers and our carriers. We take great pride in our level of communication with our customers. Communication is the cornerstone for our approach to customer service.

We spend the time to analyze each customer’s freight and offer the best option. In addition to learning about the type of freight they have, we get the particulars from our customers on where it’s going and when it needs to move. We work with our customer to identify the most effective solution. 

With Action Enterprise Logistics, our customers can focus on their core business. Our customers don’t have to worry about finding transportation solutions. We feature a broad scope of transportation solutions in a wide range of modes and specialties including:

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Truckload
  • Intermodal Rail
  • Air Cargo
  • International
  • Specialized
  • Temperature Control
  • Project Cargo
  • Expedited & Emergency
  • Heavy Haul 
  • Liquid Bulk

Improving Flow of Products by Utilizing Multiple Supply Chains

Action Enterprise Logistics works with contractual and transactional business opportunities from our customer base. While we serve shippers of all sizes, our approach to managed transportation solutions offers smaller shippers with low volume access to options most of our competitors typically reserve for larger shippers. Action Enterprise Logistics is committed to improving the flow of products through our customers’ supply chain while implementing time- and cost-saving processes while enhancing visibility.

Our team works with customers to accelerate the implementation process to make solutions available. Unlike some of our competitors in the managed transportation market, Action Enterprise Logistics customers are not passed along from department to department. We work with you to quickly find the answers you need. We offer state-of-the-art technology to keep our customers continually in the loop and we take a proactive approach to communication throughout the transportation process. As part of our dedication to customer support, Action Enterprise Logistics maintains the highest standards for our provider selection with strict carrier qualification standards. 

Is Your Company Seeking a Single-Source Transportation Provider?

If your company is seeking a single-source transportation provider capable managing multiple supply chain functions, Action Enterprise Logistics has the resources and expertise to improve efficiencies and cost saving opportunities while meeting service expectations. We have proven experience in accepting multiple lines of responsibility from our customers and reducing them to one point of customer control.

Our customers rely on Action Enterprise Logistics to drill down and examine requirements in order to offer a best-value solution. With Action Enterprise Logistics, our customers not only have access to effective supply chain solutions, but they also possess the ability to enjoy streamlined operations and a standardization of highly visible processes focused on providing cost savings.

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