Specialized Transportation Services

In addition to being a very experienced hazardous waste hauler, Action Resources excels as a transporter of specialty chemicals. A wide selection of tankers and equipment, as well as a management team with decades of experience, allows us to deliver exceptional service to our customers in this area.

  • Clean late model tractors
  • Clean late model tankers 407, 412, lined, FRP
  • Professionally trained drivers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent safety record
  • All drivers are TWIC carded
  • Satellite tracking on all tractors
  • On line load tracking and order creation
  • Invoice imaging
  • Committed to superior customer service
  • In-house training program for hazardous materials

Hazardous Waste and Materials Transportation

Action Resources has the certifications, equipment and specialized training to handle your hazardous waste streams. We are a qualified carrier and stand ready to move your liquid or solid hazardous waste throughout the nation.

Bulk Chemical Transportation

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