Why are freight broker agents leaving the competition and making the move to Action Enterprise Logistics? Here's what our people have to say...

We’re real happy with the move.   We got a bunch of carriers calling us now that wouldn’t work with us in the past due to slow pay at our previous company.  And we’re even hearing from customers that we haven’t talked to in 6-7 years wanting rates.  Things are working out really well for us at Action Enterprise Logistics.

Brokers who were with their last company for 17 years.

I love working with Action Enterprise Logistics. Corporate is quick to help out with any problem and they don't treat just as though we are just another agent/broker. They treat us like we are people.

Former broker for Landstar Logistics

I have never been with a company that treats their agents with such priority, integrity, respect and gives such quick response to the needs of the agent, until now. Working with Action Enterprise Logistics is a dream come true.

Former agent for Dynasty Transportation

It so nice not having to compete against all other offices and not being restricted to a certain territory. The corporate culture and support is fantastic. Their Freight NINJA portal is so simple and my customers love it.

Former broker for CH Robinson

It's so refreshing to work for a company like Action Enterprise Logistics after being at a large, publicly traded company. No red tape and they're incredibly responsive. Plus the commission splits are much better!

Former broker for Covenant Transport Solutions

Action Enterprise Logistics is set apart by its people from top to bottom. Customer and carrier setups are quick and efficient, questions are answered promptly, in minutes instead of days. I could mention technical things like gold book certification, 14 day carrier pay, fuel advances, quick pay, easy to use software, etc., but it boils down to good honest people doing business the right way.

Former agent for England Logistics

I can't say enough or where to begin about Action Enterprise Logistics and how they have stepped to the plate to help our office grow. Action Enterprise Logistics has gone above and beyond to give us guidance; help with carrier set ups, customer set ups, and helping us resolve problems on loads. But most of all, the abundance of encouragement and motivation Action Enterprise Logistics brings to our office.

Former broker for Bedrock Freight Brokerage

In my previous life, the focus was always on getting the shipment and not customer service, this caused a really high client turnover rate. At Action Enterprise Logistics the focus is on the customer. This is really nice because it allows us to focus on what the customer needs from us so we can help their business grow.

Former Freightquote.com employee
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