Industrial Vacuum and Cleaning Services

Action Environmental delivers a broad array of cleaning services in support of industrial plant production and maintenance programs. Whether you require a one-time clean of a specific area or a dedicated plant solution, Action Environmental will meet your industrial cleaning challenges.


  • Material and Debris Removal – from bins, tanks, machinery, press pits, conveyor systems, and other material storage areas.
  • Product Transfer –  reuse or recycle.
  • High-Level Cleaning – safely remove combustible dust and grime from rafters, ceilings, elevated ducts, piping and other overhead installations.
  • Sand, Water, and Soda Blasting – machines, equipment and installations with immediate dust free cleanup of debris and blasting media.
  • Oven tubes, heat exchangers and condensers.
  • Cooling Towers.
  • Furnace Cleanouts – capable of hot work removal between operating cycles.
  • Pipe Jetting and Hydro blasting – with vacuum assist to clear essential drainage pipes.
  • Air Ventilation and Other Duct Cleaning – with remote rotary brush and vacuum.
  • Storm Drain, Catch Basin Cleanouts – pressure wash and vacuum.
  • Complete Infrastructure Cleans – vacuum and wipe down all surfaces with biologic, environmentally sound solutions.
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Water Blasting - 10K. 20K, and 40K
  • High Volume Water Blasting
  • Sewer Jetter Services
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
  • Sludge Removal
  • Sump System Cleaning
  • Oil/water Separator Cleaning
  • Spill Clean-up Services
  • Excavation and Loading for Bulk Transportation
  • OSHA Confined Space Entry Trained Personnel


  • Modern, well-maintained equipment and trained technicians capable of handling the most rigorous industrial removal and cleaning needs.
  • Advantageous scheduling with night, weekend and shutdown scheduling to minimize interference with daily critical operations.
  • Multiple service offerings reduces the number of external vendors needed to maintain environmental quality in your facilities.
  • Promote zero waste policies.
  • Ameliorate fire and other dust hazards where sensitive machinery/sensors are present. 
  • Protect the health of your employees by reducing fugitive dust from surfaces in working areas.
  • Reduce costly downtime by removing accumulated product & debris from production lines.

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