Roof Ballast Removal

Vacuum removal of ballast and pea gravel delivers commercial roofers an efficient, clean and cost-effective alternative to labor intensive shoveling and shute removal.


  • Thorough removal of gravel, dust, dirt, grime, mud and rooftop industrial discharges.
  • Provides commercial roofing crews a clean rooftop environment and membrane prior to performance of their operations for better adhesion.
  • Increased client satisfaction by reducing airborne dust and debris and minimizing roof preparation time.
  • Ballast and pea gravel offloaded onsite or offsite for approved reuse.
  • Reduce roofer’s man hours, resulting in higher productivity and gross profits on project.
  • Competitive pricing on phased removal to accommodate your unique roofing schedule on larger roofing projects.

Request for Proposal

Action Environmental will provide you subcontractor ballast removal pricing with prompt bid/negotiation support to eliminate the guesswork with predicting labor costs for ballast and gravel removal. Call 877-708-7703  or email  today for a prompt, written pricing proposal for your reroofing projects.

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