Municipal and Utility Services

Action Environmental delivers prompt, cost-effective vacuum truck services and expertise to municipal, county and state governments, and utilities for public infrastructure projects. Action Environmental  assists construction contractors and engineers with a variety of services.



  • Water treatment plant filter media removal.
  • Water treatment plant sediment pond/lagoon maintenance.
  • Lift station maintenance projects.
  • Pipe jetting.
  • Vacuum excavation or soft digging, including air knifing excavation and hydro excavation (depending on soil type), for underground utility location verification and underground piping repairs.
  • Liquid and sludge removal, including subsurface building dewatering.
  • Rapid removal of insulation and other bulk construction debris.
  • Gravel removal in support of Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal.
  • Pre-demolition cleaning of equipment and surrounding factory surfaces.
  • Cleaning structures or equipment for re-paint preparation; blast etching.
  • Post-construction cleanup.
  • Graffiti removal and building cleaning.


  • Phased scheduling to reduce filter offline time.
  • Full contract administration support for your government projects, including personnel security clearances and timely certified payrolls.
  • Multiple Guzzler mobile vacuum loading units for pneumatic removal of dry materials, sludges, slurries, and liquids from remote and otherwise inaccessible locations through suction of 8 inches and smaller. Loose materials are vacuumed into the unit for cartage to an appropriate disposal location. Our Guzzler trucks with high air flow and superior air filtration and skilled personnel offer some of the highest vacuum capability possible for those extra deep, extra tough jobs.
  • Safe location of underground utilities.
  • Complete line of support equipment including air compressors, mobile pressure washers, jackhammers, jetters and media blasting equipment.
  • Safety equipment and perpetual training to insure fall protection, safe confined space entry, and personal protection of employees meets the most demanding requirement of governmental projects.

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