Silo and Bin Cleaning Services

Action Environmental is ready to solve your bulk storage flow problems. We want to help rid you of any build-up, ratholing, bridging, or plugging that you may have. We understand that product flow is the life of a production line and we offer a wide variety of services to handle your flow problems. 

Action Environmental will effectively enhance our customer’s operating efficiencies by removing, minimizing and managing material from their operations. We will accomplish this by utilizing proven methods, experienced and qualified personnel, and developing innovative technical solutions to solve complex issues with a value added approach. 

Bin Whipping

Our hydraulic whip is designed for safer, faster, and easier cleaning of your silos. The whip operates from the top of your silo, keeping personnel safe from dangerous confined space entry while forcefully removing materials without damaging your walls. We can work silos from 4’ x 4’ to 30’ x 150’. Our whip can restore your silo back to capacity. 

Bin Drilling

We have the answer to your bridged material. Our drill is the way to break through material in your silo. It is operated from the top of the silo, eliminating confined space entry for personnel. We can drill depths up to 150’ deep. Once the drill pierces a hole through the bridged material, it allows us to use our whip to start removing material to get you running again. The unit requires a 440 Volt 3-phase hook-up. 

Vacuum Truck and Water Blast Services

We offer vacuum trucks if material can’t be fed out and water blasters if material needs to be washed out.

Confined SPACE Entry

We offer confined space entry if entry can be safely accomplished.



  • We provide vacuum removal of materials and cleaning of silos of all sizes; bins, hoppers, tanks and associated equipment to remove contaminated product materials; and residues such as animal feed, flour, sugar, grains, oils and other raw materials.
  • Standard service includes bag house cleaning and filter replacement.
  • Soda blasting for safe and effective mold remediation.
  • Silos are cleaned to customer standards, including food grade preparation.


  • Promotes food processing hygiene and reduces risk of contamination of raw materials and downstream product line fouling.
  • Eliminates blockages – promotes free flow of materials.
  • Minimizes disruption to production.
  • Restores storage capacity.
  • Cost-effective cleaning procedures reduce cleaning intervals.
  • Food grade cleaning products.
  • Assistance developing SSOPs and with regular sanitation documentation.
  • Recycling and reuse of recoverable materials.
  • Pre-project site safety assessment for working at heights and in confined spaces; coordination with your facility safety managers.
  • Training, air monitoring equipment, permits where necessary, and entry and rescue equipment supplied to our confined space certified technicians.

Request for Proposal

Call 877-708-7703  today or email  to schedule a site visit and learn more about how our specialized silo cleaning practices can help promote the profitability of your plant.

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