Remediation Services

Action Environmental’s ability to successfully meet the needs of our clients is rooted in the experience of our management team, the skills of our employees and our commitment to health, safety and the environment. 

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to the design of a multi phase/multi year remediation projects. A key advantage to using Action Environmental is our depth of knowledge and professional staff. Our full-time staff is composed of multiple professional engineers and geologists. In addition Action Environmental utilized a series geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and other technical experts on an as needed basis to support our team and projects. This gives us the ability to support our clients with design/build solutions as well as making our services cost competitive. More than a third of our clients request technical build support. Regardless of the complexity, we can engineer and implement the solution. Action Environmental’s design/build support can reduce project costs through innovative techniques.

Action Environmental understands the need for competitive wage, equipment and material rates. Therefore, we provide our services as competitive to local market rates as possible as well as working every project with a cost reduction approach in mind. Action Environmental has developed and maintained a reputation for safe, dependable, on time and cost effective performance, with an emphasis on results and responsiveness. Our hands-on, self-performing experience, coupled with our knowledge of state and federal regulatory agencies and their requirements make Action Environmental the preferred contractor for any environmental construction or remediation project.

Action Environmental’s unique approach to managing larger, more complex and longer term projects ensures the highest level of experience in the company is applied to the project. Our regional offices in Birmingham, Alabama and Tampa, Florida, comprised of our most skilled and experienced staff, scope, estimate and manage these projects. While managed by our regional offices, these projects are staffed locally to maintain a strong local service presence. This ensures that our clients receive the highest quality service we have to offer. We believe our approach, experience and skills are without equal.

Civil Work

Containment & Collection

Systems Construction


Landfill Construction & Capping

Surface Impoundment 

Maintenance & Closure

Wetland Restoration & Mitigation

Closure & Demolition

Asset Recovery

Complex UST & AST Services


Facility Closure

MGP Site Closures

Professional Services


Odor Control Engineering

Professional Support

Site Development & Re-Development

Systems Design

Onsite Treatment

In-Situ Treatment

Soil Mixing & Stabilization

Treatment Systems

Drilling & excavation

Complex Subsurface Source Removal

Soil, Groundwater & Soil Gas Sampling

Plant Decontamination

Plant Decontamination

Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation Experience

Action Environmental has worked on numerous Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites. This work has included excavation, dewatering, maintenance of traffic, sheet piling, and underground utility installation. We have moved over 300,000 tons of soils and treated over 500,000 gallons of water from MGP sites in the last four years. Action Environmental has worked with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the governing state agency on each MGP project. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable of the remediation processes of manufactured gas production and equally as important, with the investigation and remediation of MGP-related constituents. We are capable of providing full turnkey services for MGP site from remedial design to general implementation of remedial technologies.

In-Situ Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) Experience

Action Environmental has a unique understanding of ISS and how to apply this technology. Our experts from CETCO have conducted numerous ISS projects throughout the United States. Our experts understand that the key to a successful ISS project is to first conduct bench scale treat-ability studies to determine the various reagents combinations and strengths are mixed with site soil samples to determine the most cost effective mix design to achieve the primary performance parameters. Following the bench scale studies field scale pilot testing is critical and Action Environmental and our experts have the ability to quickly conduct the pilot test and to provide expert oversight to ensure field quality control and quality assurance procedures are being followed. During full-scale implementation our field installers along with our experts have the ability to quickly adjust mix designs for field changes and ensure a successful project.

Direct ISS Experience

Action Environmental has conducted multiple soil stabilization projects. These projects were directly a result of lead impacts from historic gun range operations and landfilling operations. Action Environmental developed a specialized phosphate soil treatment to stabilize lead in the soils.

Large Diameter Auger

All of our remediation and MGP projects have been governed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). USEPA has provided regulatory oversight of our field services to include, but not limited to, dewatering, system installs, excavation, large diameter auguring, demobilization, decommission of underground utilities, environmental construction and remediation services.

Current and Recently Completed Projects

  • MGP Site Remediation
  • ISS Remediation
  • Residential Remediation
  • Well Abandonment and System Demobilization
  • FDEP Petroleum Cleanup Program

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