Drilling: Soil, Groundwater & Soil Gas Sampling

Action Environmental's drilling services include soil, groundwater and soil gas sampling services for subsurface investigation and site assessments, as well as installation of dewatering systems. 

Our staff includes a Water Well Contractor with over 18 years of experience and a Professional Geologist, licensed in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We are capable of acquiring all required permits needed for your project including well construction, abandonment and general construction. 

We maintain a 2008 Geoprobe® 7730DPT track unit, a 6620DPT track unit and a 5400 truck mounted unit. The 7730 machine is one of the most powerful units Geoprobe® offers. 

  • Conventional auger method with standard 4.125” ID/ and 6.125” augers for both 2” and 4” wells 
  • Direct-Push with 3.125” casing, wells 1/2”-2” (up to 1.5” pre-packs) to 80+ feet * 
  • Direct-Push double-cased wells 1/2” - 1” (3/4” per-pack) to 80+ feet * 
  • Injection of in-situ remedial products

* Formation dependent 

We operate a Chem Grout CG550 and Geoprobe® GS-1000. These grout pumps are capable of delivering cement grout at high pressure for bottom-up placement of grout. Abandonment can be provided for wells up to 12” diameter, and to depths greater than 100 feet.

Soil Sampling Capabilities

Continuous and discrete soil samples with the macro core samples system.

  • Soil and gas samples to 100 feet deep
  • Dual tubed soil samples 

Groundwater Sampling Capabilities

  • Discrete groundwater samples with the SP-16 screen point sampling system Dual Tube Groundwater sampling system
  • Temporary monitoring well installation
  • Permanent 2" & 4" monitoring well installation
  • Micro-well installation (Pre-Packs, U-packs, etc.) 

Soil Gas Surveys

Geoprobe PRT Soil Gas System and implants

Well Abandonment

We operate a Chem Grout CG550, Geoprobe® GS-1000 and GS-500. These grout pumps are capable of delivering cement grout at high pressure for bottom-up placement of grout. Abandonment of wells up to 12" diameter, and to depths greater than 500 feet. 


  • Geoprobe truck-mounted 5400
  • Geoprobe Direct Push Track Unit 6620DT with auger attachments
  • Geoprobe Direct Push Track Unit 7730DT with auger attachments

Remedial Injection Technologies

Action Environmental is capable of providing remedial services to meet the specific needs of our clients and their projects. Remedial injection technology is one remedial technique that has proven extremely efficient for the rapid and cost effective removal of contaminants from the soil and groundwater. Action Environmental has the capabilities and expertise to implement an injection technology remediation program specific to the clients needs. 

The two main categories of injection technologies are: 

Chemical Oxidation 

There are a number of chemical oxidants that can be extremely effective for the remediation of contaminants, including modified Fenton's Reagent, permanganates, persulfates, and percarbonates. It is critical in the design process to choose the proper oxidant for specific contaminants and site conditions. 

Biological Enhancement 

Most sites have microbes in the subsurface environment that are capable of degrading common contaminants. However, often the microbes require a carbon food source to multiply to the populations necessary for effective remediation. These carbon food sources can range from relatively simple organic substances such as methane, lactate, and methanol to complex organic mixtures including polylactate esters, molasses, vegetable oil, and compost. 

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