Action Environmental achieves Gold Shovel Standard

March 30, 2017
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Action Environmental achieves Gold Shovel Standard

Action Environmental is excited to announce that it has been approved by the Certification Committee of the Gold Shovel Standard organization to obtain a Gold Shovel Standard Certification.

The Gold Shovel Standard is a first-of-its kind excavation safety program designed to reduce dig-ins and protect the underground gas and electric system. With safety as its highest priority, the Gold Shovel Standard Certification process was developed to ensure that hired contractors are vetted annually and adhere to the safest excavation standards. For more information, visit

Commenting on this achievement Dave Ward, President of Action Environmental, said “We are basically among the first environmental contractors in the southeast to apply for and secure this certification. That is exciting. When we were first asked by one of our customers to seek this certification we were a bit skeptical and frankly, no one wants to ‘be first’. After we looked into it and learned what the program was about, we became intrigued. Everyone says ‘we do this or we do that’ yet there has been no external measurement of performance on this important part of what we do. This unique program levels part of the evaluation process and frankly, raises the bar for those in our industry, so we are glad to be an early part of it and proud of the certification.”

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