Restoration of Turkey Creek Underway

November 20, 2013

Restoration of a section of Turkey Creek is underway after the oldShadow Lake Dam was removed last week.The creek is being restored to itsoriginal flow and channel to help increase the population of theendangered Vermilion Darter.

Time Lapse video of turkey creek restoration

Time Lapse video takenover 2 days of the old Shadow Lake Dam removal on Turkey Creek. Thecreek is being restored to its original state to help increase thepopulation of the Vermilion Darter. (Joe Songer/

Rip rap stone is being placed along the bank this week to form thechannel. Over 200 tons of rip rap stone were donated for the project byVulcan Materials Dolcito Quarry. Action Environmental of Hanceville isthe contractor doing the work.

Click here for the full story, including slideshow and time lapse video, on - Turkey Creek Section Restored After Dam Removal
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