John Milledge Interviewed About his Career by Birmingham Business Journal

March 6, 2015

How did UAB prepare you for your current role?

Action Environmental's core business revolves around the remediation of contaminated properties. The principles and concepts taught by the UAB Geology Department formed the foundation from which the business was founded. Instruction techniques from the School of Education proved invaluable in training employees.

What about UAB makes you most proud?

I think the one thing about UAB that makes me the most proud is the growth of the University since I was a student. It is hard to believe that when I was enrolled, the undergraduate program consisted of three buildings and a library.

What does your company do or what service does it provide? How many people does it employ?

What has been the key to your success and motivation?

Although we have worked extremely hard for many years, we recognize that the success of Action Environmental is a blessing from God. We remind ourselves daily where our success comes from and we try to give back when an opportunity presents itself.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone?

Treat your clients and your employees the same way that you would like to be treated. Always give your customers a little more than they pay for. Stay hungry. Never become complacent with the level of success you have achieved.

What's the best piece of adivce you've received?

You must have a plan.

In your career, of what accomplishment are you most proud?

Without question, I am extremely proud of the jobs and opportunities we've been able to create as Action Environmental has grown. I am also extremely proud of the many business relationships that have developed into personal friendships over the years.

In your industry, what is currently most exciting to you?

I'm a science guy. I'm also a "nuts and bolts" guy. This is an industry that combines science with the physical execution of projects. Environmental regulations are constantly changing which requires environmental professionals to stay abreast of new and changing regulations.

John Milledge Interviewed About his Career by Birmingham Business Journal
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