Industrial Cleaning of Wastewater Treatment System for Manufacturer

November 30, 2014
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Project Challenge

A greeting card manufacturing company planned to upgrade their existing, older wastewater treatment system and tanks in order to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the system, as well as increasing the size of their wastewater processing tanks. The wastewater from their plating operation has to be treated prior to being discharged to the city sewer system. The manufacturer needed to clean and remove all hazardous material from the older system’s piping, pumps, tanks and pits prior to disposal.

Project Solution

The manufacturing client engaged Action Environmental to perform the industrial cleaning of the tanks and pits in the wastewater treatment area inside the plant. Action Environmental mobilized a 500-gallon vacuum trailer with a 5,000psi pressure washer, crew truck and 5 person crew. 

The wastewater treatment system industrial cleaning included the following steps:

  • Used a 500-gallon vacuum trailer towed by a forklift into the plant because of the wastewater system’s site and size restrictions.
  • Released vacuum trailer exhaust through a vent in the roof and monitored emissions to avoid plant employee exhaust exposure and complaints.
  • Removed nitric acid and ferric chloride solution from tanks and pits, and transferred material into totes for disposal.
  • Removed gross material and cut up and placed the poly tanks in open top drums for disposal.
  • Pressure washed tanks using extended pressure washer wands to avoid confined space entry.

Project Results

Client was able to move forward with the wastewater system upgrade.

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