Airport Waste Relocation and Landfill Closure with Soil Cap

June 28, 2015
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Project Challenge

The project was designed as two phases to be completed at the same time; however Phase 2 was delayed due to funding issues. The transition areas between Phase 1 and Phase 2 needed to be field modified in order for storm water runoff to be managed properly. The design consultant for the City did not produce new design drawings to account for the fact that Phase 2 elevations would not be achieved in the same timeframe as the completion of Phase 1. Action Environmental’s field management team and equipment operators worked closely with the City, the City’s Consultant, and our subcontracted surveyor to come up with a successful field design change.

Another challenge was due to the close proximity of wetland limits and the 100-year floodplain to the final design waste limits. During waste relocation activities, Action Environmental was not allowed to uncover more than 5 acres of waste at any given time. The management of cut and fill waste grades was a challenge, because most of the cut volume was in the western portion of the landfill with most of the fill occurring in the north-central portion of the landfill. This made managing the maximum 5 acre exposed area challenging, since cut and fill locations were not always adjacent to each other. Action Environmental managed this challenge by grading and getting the topographic survey on completed waste grades so that the first lift of cover soil could be placed on completed waste grades as quickly as possible, thereby making additional area available for waste regrading operations.

Project Solution

The project involves stabilization and closure of a 17-acre landfill that has been out of operation since 1986. The landfill had experienced erosion and waste migration into wetland areas due to decades of unmanaged surface water runoff. In addition, unmaintained vegetative growth across the landfill had brought the underlying landfill waste to the surface in several areas of the landfill.

The project involved the clearing and grubbing of approximately 17 acres of mature trees and vegetation, relocating approximately 23,000 cubic yards of waste from sensitive wetland areas, regrading and compaction of the waste layer to form 11 down chutes for storm water management, placement of an 18-inch soil cover, placement of 6 inches of topsoil, construction of diversion berms to control storm water runoff, hydroseeding and sodding all disturbed areas, installation of approximately 38,000 square yards of biodegradeable erosion mat and 7,000 square yards of turf reinforcement mat, installation of articulated concrete block mat and rip rap near the toe of each down chute, installation of 11 pipe culverts with mitered end sections, and construction of a limerock gravel access road.

Project Results

Action Environmental completed the project within schedule and budget despite the fact that the project started later than planned and extended into Florida’s wet season. Action Environmental maintained Best Management Practices to minimize the impacts of almost daily afternoon or evening showers. In anticipation of weather impacts, Action Environmental also worked a 6-day workweek for the majority of the project to compress the schedule.  

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