Hydro Excavation for Utility Distributor

March 30, 2016
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Project Challenge

A large utility distributor needed to test and replace five buried water valves. Each valve was buried approximately five to fifteen feet deep without a true or accurate measurement for location. Using heavy equipment digging was not an option because of the probability of causing damage to the valves. 

Project Solution

The client engaged Action Environmental for the excavation project. We brought in our hydro excavation unit which gave us water access for the excavation, as well as a boom system vacuum for easy mobility and access for dirt removal. We met with the customer and discussed site rules and safety policies. We did a site walk with the customer and went over the approximate locations and depths of the valves and water lines. After our dirt removal locations were determined we reviewed our job safety analysis and had our safety meeting. Equipment was prepped and we began the first hydro excavation to locate the utilities. After truck would reach load capacity we offloaded the soil on the customer’s site for reuse. In total we removed about four loads or 100 cubic yards of dirt and mud.

Project Results

By using the hydro excavation unit we were able to complete the dig with no damage to the valves and lines, as well as reducing the time spent digging and removing excess dirt. A project that may have taken up to four days with a risk of damaging the lines and valves was completed within two days and eliminated risk, which in turn saved the customer time and money. 

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