Our Value of Safety

August 26, 2016

Our value of Safety

When your tagline is, “the harder the better,” you’d better be prepared for challenging work. Here at Action, our team handles tasks like the movement of hazardous chemicals and over-dimensional cargo, cleaning and maintenance of equipment used to store and process hazardous materials, movement of hazardous waste, facilitating business between shippers and carriers and more.

Taking on tasks like these requires a serious commitment to safety. At Action, safety is something we won’t compromise.

Over the years, I’ve heard claims that safety is priority number one. But, here at Action, that’s just not good enough. Priorities often depend on the circumstances of the moment. Priorities can change as circumstances change. Things that are important one moment can take a back seat to something else a short time later. In our industry, an example of changing priorities might include driving faster or for longer hours to make sure the load arrives on time. Another might be failing to wear all personal protective equipment in an attempt to complete a task more quickly. Booking a load for a carrier that hasn’t been vetted is another example. In each case, something else can take priority over safety, and that’s just not acceptable.

At Action, we hold safety as an Enterprise value and require safety as a personal value of every member of our team. Focusing on safety as a value is the very foundation of our safety performance. An organization’s values are the standards of behavior or principles that are non-negotiable and present in every part of the organization. Our values are deeply rooted, often formed in our youth, shaped by family, friends, religious beliefs and other factors. These beliefs determine what is important in our lives, on the grandest of scales. Unlike priorities, our values don’t change based on circumstances. We do not compromise those values.

Personal values like honesty, accountability and respect are important in every workforce. Because of what we do, a value of safety is no less important.

No government regulation or company policy can have nearly the impact of a force of associates who refuse to compromise their personal value of safety. That refusal to compromise, however, must permeate the entire company. Leaders and supervisors must do more than expect drivers and associates to follow safety rules. Every person in the company, including myself, must model the safe behavior we demand of all Action associates. In fact, I believe that every person who works at Action must behave as if they are the safety manager.

When our work decisions can impact the life and health of others, we simply can’t compromise. We must go beyond following the regulations and meeting the requirements of our customers. We must understand our role in protecting the people who share the highways we use or live near our work areas. We must do our best to make sure everyone, including our team members, gets home safely at the end of the day.

It’s our commitment to never compromising our value of safety that enables us to claim, “the harder the better.”  

Dean Flint




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